A Grumble can be defined as a collective of pugs.

This house hosts three pugs, a baby, my husband and myself. Although the humans now match the pugs in number, we are all a little bit like pugs at heart. With a wide-eyed playfulness and loving nature, we make up one big family (or should I say Grumble). There are always lots of snuggles on the couch to go around.

Olive is our original pug that we adopted shortly after Aaron and I got married. She is basically our first child. She has a huge personality and a huge attitude. We know she understands exactly what we tell her, but can’t be bothered to either respond or care. She is an eight-year-old willful Aries and her favorite food is peanut butter.

Ellie Mae and Buttons were a group package that we adopted from a rescue organization out of East Liberty, Ohio. We think that they are a half pug and half Chihuahua mix (maybe?). I was looking for a companion for Miss Olive when I found their pictures online. They are littermates, and since I’m not a monster, I couldn’t separate the two. They have always had health issues, but are currently doing very well.

About 15 months ago, Freddie joined our Grumble. He basically rules the house now, and keeps all humans and pugs in line. We aren’t sure if my son thinks that he is a pug. He likes to crawl around on the floor with the dogs, and one of his first words was, “woof”. He even has a girl in his daycare room barking at people as they pass. Such a proud mom!

My husband, Aaron, (shall we call him Pug Daddy) lives with tremendous patience in our House of Grumble. He puts up (usually) with my antics, but tends to get a little bit grumbly himself.

And here is where I live . . . In the midst of Pug Daddy, a baby, and 3 dogs. I try to keep us as healthy and as happy as humanly possible. We are always trying out new ideas, creating new projects, and looking for a community in which to share them all.

Freddie and Pugs