Ponderings on Pugs, Pittbulls and Chocolate

I love the pugs. They are rescued and they have a great home. They aren’t going anywhere and I don’t regret bringing them into our lives at all,  but sometimes I wonder if Aaron and I should have adopted a different breed of dog. More specifically, should we have adopted a “less desirable” dog breed?

The girls, most likely, would have been fine if we never came along. They are cute and snuggly, and some nice people would have taken them home and given them a great life. In the shelters we see row after row of pittbull mixes and mutts that get looked over constantly in search of dogs that are closer to some “pure breed”. You know they end up being euthanized eventually. I wonder if I missed an opportunity to save another dog,or dogs, that never made it into a forever home.

‘Of course I am just wondering “what if?” Or “should I have…?” As someone who studied Economics, I am always wondering about opportunity cost. Around nine years ago, while we were adopting the girls, these thoughts didn’t enter my mind. We were younger and more impulsive and animal rights strategies hadn’t really had enough time to marinate around in my brain.

The happy pugs
The happy pugs

Throughout the years, we have had the girls treated for health problem after health problem. From puppy mange to ACL repairs to eye injuries and disc issues (see To Pug Chiropractor or Not To Pug Chiropractor?) I know we have given the girls the best lives that we could have, taking special care to treat all of their expensive maladies. I don’t have regrets in respect to how well we have taken care of our pugs, but I just worry in the grand scheme of things, could we have saved more dogs?

Something that I do like to do in order to give back to the breeds that have a harder time at life is order some Rescue Chocolate. Who doesn’t like chocolate? Well the people who have had that stomach band surgery can’t have it because it’s too acidic or something. To those people, I feel sorry for you. Everyone else should give some money to the Rescue Animal cause and order themselves a bar of Peanut Butter Pittbull. Yum! And it’s vegan.

Try some :

Foster-office Peppermint

Mission Ferral Fig

Mocha Forever

And remember, Don’t Shop, Adopt!

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