An Evening with George Takei

So while Aaron and I were out getting some ice cream, I noticed a flyer on the wall. It was advertising “An Evening with George Takei.” I knew he was a Star Trek fan so of course, I said, “Hey, wanna go?” He was not interested and then I dropped the topic.

The very next day, one of my besties Jenny Liu, texted me and asked if I wanted to go to …. “An Evening with George Takei”. Because of the fact that I was already mildly intrigued since seeing the flyer in an ice cream parlor, I agreed to go.

Jenny Liu and I purchased our tickets and planned a time to meet. Since we are both busy ladies, we didn’t have time for dinner before the show. I arranged for Mama D to watch Freddie and she arranged for Mama Liu to watch her boys.


We meet up in an auditorium on the Pitt campus. This talk was part of International Week and the theme of the week was “displacement”. A Pitt professor gave us an introduction citing all of the recent examples of people being displaced. Dreamers, Myanmar, Syria, and the victims of the recent natural disasters. More groups of people than I had really considered.

The outside of Soldiers and Sailors where we saw Takei

Then George Takei came out and started his talk. I had known that he had been in a Japanese internment camp, but never really knew the details about how everything had happened. It astounded me how fast anyone could lose absolutely everything. One day you have a successful business, a home, and a family, and the next day, you’re living in a swamp in the Deep South with an empty bank account.

How his parents were able to live the rest of their lives without resentment amazed me. I get so angry whenever Pug Daddy doesn’t empty the dishwasher. I don’t think I could peacefully live in a place that caused me to lose all of my earthly possessions.

George Takei switched gears and started talking about when States started to pass gay marriage legislation. We learned that his husband “Brad” also had come to this lecture. They both became gay marriage activists and got to see gay marriage become legal in all 50 states. It was very inspirational. He seemed so happy and proud. Warm tingly feelings were felt all around.

I was so glad that I got to see Jenny Liu and have a night out. Hopefully neither of us will ever be displaced from our homes and hopefully the people who are currently displaced find some sanctuary. We both enjoyed hearing George Takei’s motivational talk and it had us feeling good for the rest of the night.

Jenny Liu and I after Takei talk

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